!!  25 Years of Mouseketeers  !!

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Back to what seems like a simpler time. . .1980!
We're at Disney Studios in Burbank, and the photographs are of the rehearsals and shooting of "25 Years Of Mouseketeers" the NBC special that marked the 25th anniversary of The Mickey Mouse Club. 

Left:  Karen and Lonnie kicking back.

Above: Lonnie and Annette together again.


Setting up a shot: Bobby, Sharon, Sherry, Cubby and Lonnie standing on the riser, Annette conferring with the director on the set for  "Talent Roundup Day".


Finale:  Top row:  Darlene, Tommy, Bobby, Lonnie and Karen. Seated: Sharon, Guest Host Paul Williams *, Choreographer Dee Dee Wood **, Annette, Cubby, Sherry.

* Paul auditioned for the original MMC and did not make the cut.
** Dee Dee also choreographed some little films like "The Sound of Music" and "Mary Poppins."

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