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Granpa Joad in The Grapes of Wrath
at Ford's Theatre, Washington, DC - 2003.


The Mayor from The Grapes of Wrath (Granpa dies in Act I, the Mayor shows up in II).


Bandleader Mickey marches in front of me, Sharon, Annette and Bobby for a shot that appears on one of the old ViewMaster reels.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> From the paper sleeve of a 45rpm holiday record in the second or third season.


I'm the Bookie, Jean-Claude Van Damme is the pugilist,  LIONHEART, 1990.

As PegLeg in HOOK, a buddy of Bob Hoskins as First Pirate Matey SMEE, with Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts and Robin Williams.  Yes, it's me -- a face only a mother pirate could love! 

1951, Roy Rogers & me on location shooting the first episode of The Roy Rogers Show. 
1948, I make a swift $25 bucks for my very first paying gig at the Pasadena (CA) Civic Auditorium doing my song, imitations and dance act.

    1950, With Danny Kaye, in costume, on the set of Hans Christian Andersen, to whom I am actually related [Hans, not Danny] 

Jimmie and me singing a "Doddism", one of Jim's musical moral tales. I found this out because it is on the new ANNETTE CD.

1957 Mouseketeer Postcard.  This card was put out to quell rumors that we had all been killed in some kind of accident.

1957, with Walt: Left to right, rear: Tim Considine, David Stollery , Roy, Jimmie, Tommy Kirk, Me; Don Agrati (later, Grady on "My Three Sons" with Tim C.), Linda Hughes, Lynn, Cheryl; Seated:  Karen, Cubby, Walt, Moochie (standing), Sharon, Bonnie Lynn Fields (there were two Bonnies on the MMC).  Foreground:  Tommy, Darlene, Annette. This is from the Fourth Anniversary Show (of Disneyland, not the MMC).

1956, Cover of hardbound MMC Annual. Darlene and me and a  turning over of the apple and sundry vegetables cart.

A Mouseka-party at Hollywood's Moulin Rouge nightclub, which vanished decades ago. Amazingly I wound up seated next to Annette again!


Mickey & I try to cheer up Mooseketeer Roy in the  "Simple Simon" segment, 1955.

Me holding a Fess & Karen cover of the Mag, 1956.
Me tapping in front of the chorus in  "George M" at the Union Plaza Hotel in dowtown Las Vegas, 1980  


The formal Lonnie & Diane

Some photos from the 1980s LIVE shows at Disneyland

These were very energetic, non-stop 30 minute shows. Our original venue was the Space Stage at the base of Space Mountain, which has magically disappeared (the stage, not the mountain).

No, I was not frightened by a mouse!   It's called an over the leg jump.


Being a Hobo has its pleasures.



Jitterbugging with my favorite partner, Bonnie Lynn.



The goofy one is on the left.












 Bonnie and I are Trying to kick our boots off.



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